Choyang Traditional Tibetan Healing Trust is a non-profit NPO and non-governmental organisation NGO. It is dedicated in helping the poor Tibetan people by promoting educational and sustainable development projects to be self-sufficient while
preserving the rich Tibetan culture.
Founded by Mrs.Tsering Yangchen, Director, and Amjee Dr.Namgyal Phunrab, Chairman, the trust is registered under the Government of Karnataka State / Republic of India.


  1. Help at the grass root level
  2. Providing Traditional Tibetan health care and medicine
  3. Education and training for school drop-outs
  4. Support for professional courses
  5. Helping farmers to make them sustainable


  1. Educational project
  2. Elderly help projects
  3. Health projects
  4. Social welfare project
  5. Choyang clinic
  6. Workshops in India and abroad

"Think globally, act locally".
Your help makes a difference in one’s life by sponsoring a child, old-age, nun, monk or support any of our grass root projects. No matter however small, your every penny counts and goes directly to the beneficiaries.

Amjee Dr. Namgyal Phunrab, Chairman

T.  +91 81053 56046

Mrs. Tsering Yangchen, Director

T.  +91 98456 38010

Dickey Larsoe Tibetan Settlement

Camp # 2, House # 10
Bylakuppe Post 571104
Mysore District Karnataka, INDIA

We will be glad, when you are interested in our work or want to support our projects. Please get in contact.

Amjee Namgyal ist vom 3. November 2017
bis 10. Dezember
wieder in Deutschland. Informationen erhalten Sie von Choyang e.V., Heidelberg: DE(at)

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